Soccer has evolved in to a highly competitive sport around the world and so SHS aims to support the holistic development of the player. For more information on accessing these services and partners, please contact us at

Through the SHS networks we offer goalkeepers access to cutting edge skills, overall conditioning and endurance programs that covers the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. SHS works with a team of specialists covering areas such as:

• Professional sports mental conditioning – elite athlete mental program

• Body conditioning – strength, speed, agility and explosive power

• Individualized training and gym programs – devised specifically to your development

• Skills development with the use of soccer airfields – shot accuracy and speed, core strengthening, free kick accuracy and other skills

SHS supports the player’s development by providing answers to the following questions:

• Do you have the explosive speed necessary to compete at the highest level?

• Is your current fitness and strength program specific to your position in soccer?

• Do you posses the mental toughness to recover from setbacks?

• Do you have the necessary self discipline to train in your own personal time?

• Can you ‘read the game’ and be mentally focused at the right moments or are you inconsistent in your soccer performance?

• Are you mentally prepared for competing at the highest level? (i.e. pressures and expectations of your fans, team mates, team management and family)

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