SHS’s open evening sessions are specialized midweek training sessions geared towards those goalkeepers who are looking for structured and professional training that goes beyond what they are currently receiving at their club/school/university, from which they can gain a competitive edge and increase their effectiveness on the field.

Since SHS is not a club, the open sessions are offered to all goalkeeper enthusiasts who are looking to improve their skills by training in a professional environment with advanced skills training methods used by coaches at the national level.

Who are the open sessions for?

• Goalkeepers of all ages – the key for SHS is the passion for the game.

• Goalkeepers who would like to increase their skills level beyond the training they are currently receiving.

• All levels of skill – SHS is committed to the development of all players.

Value that SHS will add to these players:

• Professional Skills Development.

• Identification of players shortfalls and areas for improvement.

• Ability to benefit from skills, knowledge and experience of an international player – Andre Arendse has 12 years experience of playing soccer at the highest level.

• Building confidence and the right attitude towards the game.

• Gaining a full understanding of the game.

• Mental coaching on how to deal with difficult situations in order to build resilience.

• Individual attention to increase competence and mental ability

SHS offers these open sessions for a more fun and innovative approach to coaching that will provide an opportunity for your children to learn in a professional environment while still being able to enjoy and interact with other young soccer enthusiasts.


• 1 hour with Andre Arendse and SHS coaches.

• Professional training drills with Andre Arendse.

• Individual attention.

• Tailored training sessions.

• Mentorship and player support from Andre Arendse.

If you would like to find out more information on training times, fees and availability please contact SHS at

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