SHS is dedicated to its philosophy of giving back and developing the game from a grass root level. Through the use of various projects and events, SHS hopes to ‘touch' as many people in South Africa as possible.

These events and projects are twofold; some are aimed towards rural communities and others within the urban/ corporate environment. The events and projects cater for all demographics, socio-graphics and geo-graphics of the target audience within South Africa. We can tailor make these projects to specific requirements.

SHS is in need of your support in order to achieve these goals, and so for all the individuals and corporate companies who would like to support SHS and help to make a difference in South Africa and South African soccer. Please contact us at

Soccer Development Projects

One of the key areas for SHS is the support and development of soccer at grass root level. In addition to this SHS aims to create a shift from corporate support being mainly aimed at the top levels of the game and to introduce innovative, fun, interactive and high return on investment projects that captivate the mass public. Creating such wide spread awareness and interest will be achieved through the media.

The SHS soccer development programmes are aimed at the following areas:

• Active talent spotting – Nurture and develop the future Bafana stars

• Development of soccer from grass roots level – the future of South African soccer

• Introduction of role models to the South African youth – Create heroes

• Skills and knowledge transfer from past and current professional players

• Facilitation of structured and professional soccer

Community projects:

SHS acknowledges that the company and its support partners can play a key role in community support and upliftment through specific projects which utilise the power of sport to engage individuals and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The SHS community projects are aimed at the following areas:

• Supporting the outstanding work already being done by the major non-profit organisations

• Increasing the appeal of the non-profit projects by including sporting personalities

• Creating a sense of belonging through the interaction with role models

• Utilising the power of sport to unite and inspire individuals and communities

• Moving beyond hype and creating sustainable change through multiple support projects

Soccer appeals to the mass majority of South African Citizens and SHS believes it is a key tool for reaching out to communities.

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